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UnrankedSmurfs – Smurf Review

Today we are reviewing a website called Unrankedsmurfs. They claim they are the biggest account selling website out there, so let’s see if they can also deliver high quality accounts and customer support. We will rank this website on 4 factors, What it’s like to purchase an account, customer support, Quality of the accounts and After-sales Support.

Let’s get on with the in depth review.

UnrankedSmurfs – Purchasing an Account:

This website is one of the best designed websites we have seen. When we purchased an account it was a simple process but that’s about the only good thing we have to say about Unrankedsmurfs today. We believe they are the same owners of LoL-Smurfs, you guessed it they are also selling illegally obtained/hacked accounts which is a big NO NO for us. Imagine your own account being hacked and lost forever, all that time, sweat and energy spent leveling it up and ranking it up and getting all the champions and all the skins you bought using your own money it’s just not a good feeling and makes us sick.

Purchasing an account from UnrankedSmurfs – 8/10 (Easy to purchase but that’s about it)

UnrankedSmurfs – Customer Support:

The customer support at UnrankedSmurfs is not the best. They offer no live chat, they offer no skype support the only thing they offer is once again like LoL-Smurfs a contact form which they take over 2 days to respond to, one incident with UnrankedSmurfs took over 1 week to get a reply from. If you’re after good customer support and business that actually cares about their customers, avoid this business.

Customer support at UnrankedSmurfs – 1/10 (Terrible support, not recommended)

UnrankedSmurfs – Quality of the Accounts:

The quality of the accounts will be also getting a very low score for only one reason, they are cracked. They are selling accounts they have hacked from original owners and selling them for A LOT of profit. We had to buy an account just to make sure though and to be able to give a honest review. The account was inactive for 6 months and it had over 50 skins on it and over 40 champions. The friend list had a lot of people on it and a lot of people were online. One of the friends on the friend list messaged us and asked “Did you finally get your account back? We told them we were not the same person they knew previously on this account and that we bought it off a website. We spoke for a while and recorded it all and contacted UnrankedSmurfs to get a refund and to get them to give the account back to the original owner. We’ll talk more about this in After-sales section.

Quality of the Accounts at Unrankedsmurfs – 1/10 (Hacked/Cracked/Illegally obtained. Definitely stay clear from buying from this website).

UnrankedSmurfs – After-Sales support:

After-sales support from UnrankedSmurfs is the worst we have ever seen. We provided all the details needed to prove that this account was hacked and the original owner has been trying to recover it for 6 months. They would not acknowledge it at all and would not even offer a refund. We ended up having to dispute with PayPal again which took over a month to get our money back. After the month passed and we got our money back, we gave the account back to the original owner.

After-Sales Support at Unrankedsmurfs – 0/10 (This rating says it all)

See below the final ratings and overall rating.

If you have purchased from this website, we would love to hear your experiences in the comments. If you want us to review a smurf selling website that we haven’t please leave your suggestion in the comments as well.

Unrankedsmurfs Review
  • Ease of Purchase – 8/10
  • Customer Support – 1/10
  • Quality – 1/10
  • After-sales Support – /10


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